Women and the Harlem Renaissance ;)

Now that you have had the opportunity to explore these two events through your multiple intelligence stations, please respond to one of the following questions below. Include your name at the end of the post to identify yourself:


"How did women’s roles change during the twenties?"



"Explain the impact of the Harlem Renaissance upon African Americans during the 1920s."


women had more rights like voting and they expressed themselves as prosituts(mallory) with women having more rights they soon changed they're living ways and styles by wearing shorter dress and haveing they're hair cut short and smoke(katelynn)

it ratified women and sparked a new era in rights and political particapation for women(amanda) the 19 ammendment helped the women by them being able to get jobs and they weren't forced to wear clothing that they didn't want to(megan)

it gave women the right to vote and it created the womens sufferage movement(amanda)

Womens's roles changed in the 20's because they were allowed to work the same jobs as men did. (Megan)

In the 1920's women strted speaking out about equal rights as men. When the men left home for the war Women did the cleaning, working, and everything else a man was supposed to do.(Shy-Florez)

Women roles changed, they got more respect from men and were more able to do what they wanted, they also gained the right to vote.(Joey)

Women's roles changed by being able to vote and hold male jobs. Also women also began to become rebelious by changing their appearence. Women began to have shorter skirts and wear make up. (Jasmine)

Women role changed during the 20's when men went to war, as more men left for war more women got jobs and more power. They alsio started to gain controll over their lives and gain the right to vote. (Willam)

Harlem Renaissance:

This made africans more popular in 1920s because they started jazz and once it got out everyone liked it and listened to it even white people. this was a really big hit and black pride started to grow from this. (Steven)

The impact of the Harlem Renaissance had on African Americans was extream, because the Africans were able to spread their culture and ideas. (Richard)

Helped the growth of black pride, because even whites loved and liked the jazz music they Africans played. (Steven)

The Harlem Renaissance helped African Americans feel more pride about your race and color. It helped bring the whites and blacks together.(Willey)

The Harlem Renaissance impacted African Americans because they were able to create new lively music; called jazz. The Renaissance was a place where talanted writers, composers, musicans, artists, and entertainers who broadened and redefined American culture. (Haylee)

The Harlem Rennisance gave African American culture a widespread influence in the U.S. Their Jazz music and culture was expressed and the white people fell in love with Jazz music. I t really changed American culture. For a while in some places it wasn't segregated.(Amanda)